Sport Tours To The Rescue For D3 Teams

Sport Tours To The Rescue For D3 Teams

A company doesn’t stay in business for 30 years by winging it. It doesn’t stay in business for 30 years without a sterling reputation of getting things done and creating great relationships. And it most certainly doesn’t stay in business for 30 years by leaving teams to fend for themselves when Mother Nature interrupts the “best laid” plans.

Sport Tours International has been doing work in PR since 1987 ; they have lifelong friends there. It isn’t and has never been, just business for them.

In September, Hurricane Maria wreaked havoc in the Caribbean and made playing D3 college basketball tournaments there in December next to impossible. Sport Tours had a five-team event planned in Rincon, located on the west coast of the Island. Instead of bailing on those five teams and moving on, Sport Tours did what it does best. It got to work—it used its contacts and relationships—and quickly moved five women’s teams to Daytona Beach in mid-December.

Sport Tours didn’t stop there. You see, there were other D3 tournaments planned for Puerto Rico in December that were quickly cancelled. However, the teams in those events were not given any other options by the organizer. They were sitting high and dry—no games, no event and no second option. When Sport Tours heard the news, they did what they do best, got things done.

The end product—a 10-team D3 women’s tournament in Daytona Beach. Five teams from its own relocated event and five from the canceled event. All of the games were played at historic Moore Gymnasium on the campus of Bethune-Cookman University. By the way, Sport Tours already had a 17-team event in Daytona during that time. But when you are the industry leader and standard bearer, you do the right thing and take care of people. You make it work. You get it done. You don’t get to where you are after 30 years doing it any other way.