An Editorial Comment from the President of Sport Tours

Louisville Cardinals and Cuban National Team sharing questions and answers. August 2016.
Louisville Cardinals and Cuban National Team sharing questions and answers. August 2016.

Sport Tours International has taken teams across the United States to more than 40 countries over the past 38 years.  I believed in the beginning international travel would make a difference in student athletes’ lives by exposing them to enlightening experiences away from home. My hope was they would experience the relative good and bad fortunes of countries and its people and develop a sensitivity that favored the collective good of our planet.

The U.S. has had six presidents since 1979 when I lead my first trip to Antigua.  My travels have taught me, for better or for worse, the U.S. president is the de facto leader of the world. 

Now is the worst of times.  Donald Trump is a horrible president and an even worse human being.  Never has a person had such an immediate, negative effect on our image and moral standing. Instead of a beacon of hope, we have become the laughing stock of the world.  As our Costa Rican partner asked me, “What did you do to us?” 

Wise and knowledgeable people have taken strong positions against his use of nationalism as a tool to hide his selfish agenda.  His condescending behavior toward all people of color, anyone not like “us”, is his strategy to divide, intimidate and frighten citizens toward his heartless agenda.

Now our president’s actions consistently subvert basic human empathy and decency.  His demeaning and dismissive attitude to our fellow citizens in Puerto Rico and the bizarre charges against Cuba are the most difficult for us to stomach.

I want to make it perfectly clear we will continue to lead summer trips to Cuba as we have the past three years. Likewise, we will continue our basketball games, tournaments and swim programs in Puerto Rico.  These people need our visits now more than ever.

Come join us as we show the people of the world we are not like him. 


Lee Frederick, President