SAGU quotes on their experience in Angola

SAGU Quotes

Coach Donnie Bostwick - "It was like a dream the amazing way this entire trip unfolded. When I received the invitation to come to Angola, I thought it was to good to be true.  The experiences such as reaching out to children at schools, the interaction with the U.S. Embassy, and visiting the Slave Museum were life changing.  The level of competition and the quality of which the tournament was administered was first class. We also enjoyed relaxing at the mall, the pool, and the beach. To hear the host refer to us as 'God's University', it seemed both ironic and obvious that God was guiding every footstep of our journey. Our host the Angola Basketball Federation, Premier de Agosto, and Sports Tour International were all absolutely the best. They went the second mile in every way possible to accommodate us and make sure our experience was both memorable and safe. We can't thank everyone enough for their generosity and kindness. Above all I will remember the people of Angola. Through the horrific adversity of civil war, they have found faith, joy, and are set on recovering and growing stronger as a nation."

Coach Garrett Jones - "Our trip to Angola couldn't have gone better. Angola is an incredible country.  It was awesome learning about and seeing their culture firsthand. What makes Angola so special is the people. The Angolans kind spirit and overall happiness is pretty unique. What an awesome experience!"

Deon Rodgers - “An eye opening experience, once in a lifetime opportunity,  truly blessed to be part of."

Caleb Feemster - "Amazing! Experience of a lifetime! I will truly never forget the time I had or the people I met"

Caleb Gentry - "The country of Angola was just as beautiful as the people in it." 

Jonathan Walter - "I am humbled and have a greater appreciation for what I have."

Rem - "Traveling to Africa was a great experience, and having the opportunity to give back was definitely one of my favorite parts of the trip."

Tyler - "The trip to Angola not only showed me another part of the world, but showed me that smiles and hugs translate in any language."

Jay - "The people of Angola taught me that joy and happiness is a choice. They had more joy than I have ever seen."

Rishaad - "Don't wait until something is gone to recognize its true value. Cherish every little thing and every moment because one day that thing or person or moment won't be promised tomorrow.

Tyrone - "The best things in life are free" 

Drew - "I was truly enriched by being able to engage in the culture, and I'm forever thankful for the opportunity."

Micah - "If I could only take one thing away from my trip to Angola, it would be that no matter what you do or who you are, you can always go out of your way and show love to someone else. Everywhere we went there were people talking and being friendly with us and I feel like that's something we lack in the U.S. Angolans are some of the nicest and outgoing people I've ever met and I will never forget my trip there"